Danger with Weather and Inflatables

If you need to cancel your event please contact Hattiesburg Inflatables at 601-516-5867 and a representative will cancel your order. NO EMAIL CANCELLATIONS, OR TEXT MESSAGES ARE ACCEPTED. This is fully refundable in the form of a rain-check to be used within 1 year if your order is canceled at least 8 days prior to your rental date. If you cancel between 2-7 days prior to your rental you will be not be given a refund of any kind. If you are canceling due to rain or weather related issues refunds are only given in the form of a rain-check to be used within 1 year. If the percentage of rain is greater than 50% or at the discretion of Hattiesburg Inflatables we may cancel your event for the safety of the users.

Severe weather can often pop up without much warning; leaving those outdoors at risk of death or injury. So what can you do to protect your
guests while using inflatable devices outdoors? Hattiesburg Inflatables has collected a number of helpful tips to keeping your guests safe from severe weather. Bad weather can arrive in the form of rain, lightening or strong winds.

1) It's important someone be responsible for keeping track of severe weather warnings and radar in the area and possibly even talking with local meteorologists about whether the event should be closed down until the severe weather threat is over.

2) In regards to inflatable devices, possible wind speeds should of course be taken into consideration. We have all seen news stories of bounce houses thrown through the air with children inside...these all could have been completely avoidable if weather forecasts & current weather conditions were monitored. Inflatables should not be used in winds exceeding 15 mph, rain and lightening and they of course need to be properly secured.

3) Evacuate the ride immediately. Stay calm and assist riders exiting the inflatable quickly but in an orderly fashion. Once riders have exited the ride, deflate the unit by turning off the blower and unplugging from electrical outlet.

4) Return to use once the threat has ended.

5) All cancellations must be called in the day before your rental. Once the inflatable is set up/delivered there will be no refunds or rainchecks of any kind.

6) Should you have further questions contact the office at (601) 516-5867.

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